About us

Macmillan Science Communication was established in 2008 by Macmillan Publishers Ltd, now Springer Nature Limited, the parent company of Nature Research, which publishes Nature and Scientific American. Our objective is to meet the growing demand from scientific institutions and scientists around the world for high-quality science communications.

As an exclusive partner of Nature Research, Macmillan Science Communication has access to the editorial and publishing skills of Nature and Scientific American.

We provide:

Our uniqueness

No science communication project, regardless of how well it is conceived and executed, can realize its potential unless it reaches the right audience.

We draw on our unique position as the exclusive partner of Nature Research to target the audiences of Scientific American and Nature Research's portfolio of publishing products. We can promote projects to a global audience of science professionals, academics, opinion leaders, business and technical elites, and the informed public. Nature.com is consumed on millions of desktops around the world.

We will provide marketing support to promote your MSC venture, utilizing the latest technologies to engage with your chosen audience segments.

With a wide selection of marketing tactics and channels available to us, we can meet a vast range of campaign objectives.

If you are interested in advertising and sponsorship opportunities with Nature Research, please visit: www.nature.com/advertising/ and contact your account manager directly.